By Your Side by Lifehouse

By Your Side - Lifehouse (Maanasa)
I found this song to be very interesting, and a perfect fit of what Tam Lin’s role in Matt’s life is. After listening to this song, it sounded like it was a conversation between Matt and Tam Lin. “When I feel lost and I can't find my way. When words are at a loss I can hear you say” This seems like it is coming from Matt’s perspective. Matt needed help finding his way through, and Tam Lin was there to help him out.
“I'll be by your side, when all hope has died”. This is coming from Tam Lin. Tam Lin starts caring for Matt, and this line clearly represents that. As his character develops, things start changing. Their bond grows, and Tam Lin has to leave with El Patrón. Although both Matt and Tam Lin don’t want to be apart, they still have to. But the treasure chest that Matt finds in the Oasis, represents that Tam Lin never really left. He would always be there for Matt.
The main message thats coming from this song, is ‘The image you see yourself as, the person you love, the thing you truly think is right, and who means the most to you’.

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