Maxwell's Silver Hammer by The Beatles

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer- The Beatles (Kellan)
Maxwell is a student who has a silver hammer that he kills people with. He kills a teacher, a fellow student, and a judge.
“Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s silver hammer came down upon her head!”
“I was twelve when I last darkened a school room door...”
The part where he kills a teacher shows that Tam Lin was not very well educated, and was twelve when he last went to school.
“Bang! Bang! Maxwell’s Silver Hammer...”
“He’s in a class by himself,” Said Ralf. “He’s a bloody terrorist.”...
“What did Tam Lin do?” he urged.
Only set a bomb outside the prime minister’s house in London.” replied Hugh...
The whole killing people part shows his Scottish nationalism. He really is upset about Scotland being oppressed by Briton and tries to bomb the prime minister. He kills twenty children because a school bus pulls up at the wrong moment.

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