My Same by Adele

My Same- Adele (Lauren)

This song is a very interesting choice to emphasize Tam Lin’s relationship with Matt. The song’s lyrics consist of adele saying her and her friend’s differences. The meaning behind Adele's song, is her and her best friend are very unlike, but they are able to get past this and still be friends. Just like how Tam Lin and Matt are very different, Matts a clone, Tam Lin is not. Matt is much younger than Tam Lin, they are so different and unique from each other.  But they are able to get over this hurdle and still be friends in the long run. Not every lyric matches up with their relationship. but there are a few which do.
“You’re so adventurous, I'm so very cautious” This is a lot like Tam lin and Matt. Matt is always out for adventure and learning new things. Whereas Tam Lin is very guarded and cautious. Although all of the songs lyrics don't always directly relate to Matt and Tam lin’s relationship. I picked this song because the overarching message in the song was that two very different people can still be friends.

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